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Digital-Online-Website-Social Media-SEO-Marketing

So you have a website or an app, Grrreat!! What’s next? Are you going to just sit there and automatically customers are going to pour into your website and you are going to get phone calls or prospects via email? The answer is “NO”! What good is a beauty if it doesn’t bring attention. The truth of the matter is there are over 1.9 Billion websites on the Internet(data reported by Internet Live Stats). How do you stand a chance by simply having a website or an app out there?

Marketing is the KEY

A process of engaging, communicating, informing a potential client, customer or large group in order to sell/deliver a service or a product. There are many definitions of marketing but the gem keyword is “value-added” for the customer. The process is showing, telling, presenting the product or service in a visually inclined manner where the customer finds it deemed necessary for his daily use. Just how do you do that?

Digital Marketing is here to stay

With a significant decline in paper printing (save the earth!:) there is no other source but digital media to get all your news, entertainment, resourceful articles, videos and blogs. Even the elderly recognize and take advantage of reading newspapers online via phone, tablets, laptops or pcs. We know that Digital media is here to stay. So exactly, how do you get audiences?

Final Target:

Every company we come across they speak about the action item or engagement buttons, call to action and variation of these words meaning the same but they do not quite understand the usage and functional aspect of this word. This is where the experts are necessary to deliver results, so be it any digital format of marketing such as social media, SEO organic or even Pay per click. What you see is not what search engines and customers perceive of your website, landing pages or an application of any sort. Aside from the graphical changes where the text is not visible to the search engines, there are many other corrections necessary. Example: Tags “H1″,”H2”, “H3”, Responsive changes, speed, forms on the site, user interface and user experience related issues, search engine crawlable corrective measures, and the list goes on. Forms of digital marketing:

Social Media Marketing:

Saving your resources, financial or human is one thing but getting your secretary or admin staff to represent the entity of your company on social media; is cutting wrong corners. As a consultant when I am asked to audit the digital marketing of a company, this is the first thing I notice from small business to even corporations. Social media is not about cutting and pasting random text and adding #hastags some relative and mostly unrelated to your business. It’s about engaging the socialites visually, delivering some sort of a question or a query in their mind that stays. Remember, the attention span of growing generation is decreasing day by day, with that said the creatives (videos, audio, graphical, infograhical) must be able to turn faces as the fingers swipe left to right or bottom to upwards. One major advice I would like to give to self-managing social media administrators, be very careful on how you spend your budget on paid advertising, budgets can run out rather quickly and sometimes delivering nothing but a bitter sour taste of social media as your marketing pillar.

Pay-per-Click Advertising:

I am a firm believer that everything in digital marketing works but what matter is how you make it work. There are keywords that consume huge budget on a single click, depending on the size of your company those keywords may or may not be your option. Search engines make money from major corporations through this pillar. Pay-per-click advertising is not a fluke it has to do with the scientific approach of being in front of your target audience every time and all the time when a keyword, phrase or a sentence is searched related to your industry on the search engine such as Google, Bing, etc.

Remarketing :

Remarketing by the search engine, social media sites is a way of retargeting those users who have visited your website once. Remarketing is one tool that allows your company to be constantly shown via visual creative, further wherever the user may surf on the Internet that creative will follow. In this process, a cookie gets stored into the system of the user and follows the user, consistently reminding him of your service or product till he closes the browser and the session gets destroyed. This is a great way to be recognized as a brand and a budget should be allocated into this pillar.

Search Engine Optimization :

This form of digital marketing is where competitors of every industry big or small are targeting. Why? Because as the newer generation is getting tech savvy, this generation refrains from clicking paid results that have a little tag of “Ad” in front of them.  Ever ask yourself entrepreneurs and business owners why is it that whenever we search a topic usually in top ten results Wikipedia shows up? Here are a few reasons why?

  • User interactive and engaging site with references and sitings from credible sources.
  • Backlinks to government sites, institutions or major corporations etc
  • Internal Links to topics relative to the one you searched.
  • Proper Index of topic bifurcation
  • Brief or outline of that topic
  • Images relative to the topic
  • URL structure has been rightly done

With many competitors rising on the Internet day to day basis, expect changes directly or indirectly by the search engines updating their algorithms. We have seen this many times in the past few years given names of Panda, Hummingbird etc. So what exactly should be done to always stay up on top of the search engine? The answer is the consistent effort, Onsite, and Offsite.  These efforts include but are not limited to:

  1. Changes on the website, graphical and content-oriented additions. These could be in the form of blogs, articles, and resources.
  2. Meta tags, keywords, and H1 to H5 tags
  3. Breadcrumbs
  4. URL structure to be friendly
  5. Internal links within the site
  6. Outbound links to major credible sites such as governing bodies or institutes
  7. Social bookmarking sites
  8. Social Media daily updates
  9. Video or video snippets

And the list goes on…

Question: Entities competing for keywords to rank on the top page of search engines usually scratch their head trying to find the reason why their rank drops or why suddenly they are not showing up on the top page of Google/bing?

The simple answer is when you are not investing in your daily chores partially mentioned above in the list and some of your competitors are doing what’s necessary then expect unpleasant results.

Consider Every IT Solution for your brand development, brand recognition via digital marketing, website design, and website development changes plus email marketing and social media marketing. No matter what your industry may be, expect Every IT Solution to get you the brand visibility.

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