Live Stream Alpine ski FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Feb 2021

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Wintersport highlight in Oberstdorf/Allgäu from 23.02. – 07.03.2021.

After 1987 and 2005 Oberstdorf will be in the spotlight, when the World Champions in Skijumping, Cross Country Skiing and Nordic Combined will be crowned.


Monday, 22.02.2021

10.00NCTraining Women/Men C/F
15.00CCTraining Women/Men C/F

Tuesday, 23.02.2021

13.30CCTraining Women/Men F
15.30SJTraining Women HS 106
16.00NCTraining Women/Men F

Wednesday, 24.02.2021

09.00NCTraining Women HS 106
10:30NCTraining Men HS 106
12.30CCQualification Women 5 km F
14.00SJTraining Men HS 106
14.30CCQualification Men 10 km F
16.00CCTraining Women/Men Sprint C
16.00NCTraining Women/Men C/F
16.45SJTraining Women HS 106
18.00SJQualification Women HS 106
20.00Opening Ceremony in the Skijumping stadium

Thursday, 25.02.2021

09.00NCTraining Women HS 106
10.30NCTraining Men HS 106
12.45CCSprint Qualification Women/Men C
15.15CCSprint Finals Women 1,2 km C
15.15CCSprint Finals Men 1,5 km C
15.45SJTrial round Women HS 106
16.00NCTraining Women/Men 5/10 km F
17.00SJSingle competition Women HS 106
19.15SJTraining Men HS 106

Friday, 26.02.2021

09.00NCTrial round Men HS 106
10.15NCSingle competition Men HS 106
10.30CCTraining Skiathlon C/F
16.00NCSingle competition Men 10 km F
16.00SJTrial Round Team Women HS 106
17.00NCTraining Women/Men Team 4×5km
17.15SJTeamcompetition Women HS 106
19.00SJTraining Men HS 106
20.30SJQualification Men HS 106

Saturday, 27.02.2021

09.00NCTrial Round Women HS 106
10.00NCSingle competition Women HS 106
11.45CCSkiathlon Women 15 km
13.30CCSkiathlon Men 30 km
15.15SJOfficial Training Men HS 106
15.30NCSingle competition Women 5 km F
16.30SJSingle competition Men HS 106
16.30CCOfficial Training Teamsprint

Sunday, 28.02.2021

09.00NCTrial Round Team Men HS 106
10.00NCTeam Competition Men HS 106
11.00CCQualification Teamsprint Women/Men F
13.00CCTeamsprint Finals Women F
13.00CCTeamsprint Finals Men F
15.00NCTeam Competition Men 4×5 km
15.30SJTrial Round Mixed HS 106
17.00SJMixed Team Competition HS 106

Monday, 01.03.2021

13.00CCTraining Women + Men
15.30NCTraining Men
17.00SJOfficial Training Women HS 137

Tuesday, 02.03.2021

09.00NCTraining Men HS 137
13.15CCSingle competition Women 10 km F
14.30CCOfficial Training Men F
16.00NCOfficial Training Men F
16.30SJOfficial Training Women HS 137
18.00SJQualification Women HS 137

Wednesday, 03.03.2021

08.30NCOfficial Training Men
13.15CCSingle competition Men 15 km F
16.00SJTrial Round Women HS 137
16.00CCOfficial Training Women/Men Relay F
16.00NCTraining Men F
17.15SJSingle competition Women HS 137
19.15SJOfficial Training Men HS 137

Thursday, 04.03.2021

10.00NCTrial Round Men HS 137
11.00NCSingle competition Men HS 137
13.15CCRelay Women 4×5 km
15.15NCSingle competition Men 10 km F
16.00SJOfficial Training Men HS 137
17.30SJQualification Men HS 137

Friday, 05.03.2021

09.00NCOfficial Training Team Men HS 137
13.15CCRelay Men 4×10 km
15.30NCOfficial Training Teamsprint Men
15.45SJTrial Round Men HS 137
17.00SJSingle competition Men HS 137
17.00CCOfficial Training Mass start Women/Men

Saturday, 06.03.2021

09.00NCTrial Round Teamsprint HS 137
10.00NCTeamsprint Men HS 137
12.30CCSingle competition Women 30 km C
15.00NCTeamsprint Men 2×7,5 km
15.45SJTrial Round Team Men HS 137
17.00SJTeam Competition Men HS 137

Sunday, 07.03.2021

13.00CCSingle competition Men 50 km C
afterwardsClosing Ceremony

Schedule is subject to change


CCCross Country
NCNordic Combined
SJSki Jumping
HS 137Big Hill
HS 106Normal Hill
CClassic Technique
FFree Technique

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