Quarantine Sessions: A Distributed Electroacoustic Network Improvisation

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Date: Sunday, October 24, 2021. 1:00 PM.
    <div class="stanford-events-location">Location: online | CCRMA Live</div>

    <div class="stanford-events-description"><p>The Coronavirus Crisis has changed our lives, and we are in the midst of a long period without concerts as we knew them. In addition to the problem of large audiences, the regulations also make it "virtually" impossible for musicians to get together, rehearse, or perform.</p>

However, many technologies and solutions are available, helping us to find new ways of collaborating and transporting our work to audiences. We have been programming, testing, and rehearsing in an online environment with artists in the US and Europe. The sessions are broadcast live with audio and video feeds from each site. | Livestreaming at CCRMA Live

The Core performers

  • Constantin Basica (Stanford, CA)
  • Chris Chafe (Woodside, CA)
  • Henrik von Coler (Berlin, DE)
  • Fernando Lopez-Lezcano (San Carlos, CA)
  • Juan Parra (Ghent, BE)
  • Klaus Scheuermann (Berlin, DE)

Guest artist

  • Dirk Roosenburg (Stanford, CA)